Premier Baker and Creator of Scrumptious Gourmet Scones

Visit at 9762 Third St, Sidney, BC V8L 3A4

Experience & Enjoy

Scrumptious Flavours

Rich, tender, moist and decadent. I love coming up with new and unique flavours to give you a scone experience like none other! I’m inspired by various foods & sweets that I love, traslating them into a decadent scone form. I’ve created a vast array of sweet & savoury scone flavours, as well ones that follow various dietary restrictions and preferences, such as: Gluten Friendly, Vegan, Vegan & Gluten Friendly and Keto Friendly.

Locally Sourced

Fresh Ingredients

I only use real butter, real cream and seasonal local ingredients when they are available. During blackberry season, I’m picking through the bushes for hours. During blueberry season I’m gathering at a local u-pick farm. I dig up potatoes and snip fresh herbs from my back yard, as well as making my rounds to the local farm stands, grocers and small backyard gardens. This means many organic, non-GMO, flavourful, fresh and REAL ingredients going into every scone. No preservatives and no weird words you can’t pronounce.